“I have enjoyed being in touch with someone whose life is currently so confined and offering a small window into 'more normal' life.”

“I have enjoyed writing the letters and looked forward to receiving the replies, and hope that in some small way I have made a difference. This prisoner seems very appreciative and often says 'looking forward to your next letter'.”
“He says he enjoys getting the letters and looks forward to it. I have tried to encourage his progress and the various courses he’s taken. He seems more positive now about release.”

“He thinks of me as a friend, and is pleased someone cares. I think it might help him that someone is interested in what he has to say. I hope it makes him believe there will be some sympathetic people out there on release. I think it may have increased his confidence in his literacy.”

“This has been very rewarding. I really have enjoyed receiving the letters as well as writing them. I’ve found it interesting finding out about prison life (and the kind of things the inmates do to keep morale up) and corresponding with a person outside of my social circle. I think we kept the correspondence very light (mostly) and so would talk about everyday things like entertainment and biscuits!”