“Writing to my penfriend has been a real pleasure. It has also helped me to keep my writing and talking skills going, as in prison most things are held back or not used. It has brought a sense of mind freedom and on occasions a real good laugh.

“It means a lot having a friend to talk to on the outside. Thank you for the opportunity to have used this service.”
“I have made a good friend who has got very similar interests to me and, although we have never met, I feel like I have known my penfriend all of my life. She always encourages me and receiving her letters always fills me with excitement and positivity. This is a fantastic service which has helped me through my sentence. A massive thank you.”

“A great help during my sentence, a friend by post which can help when we are having bad days (in prison almost every day is a bad day). Thank you, Penfriends.”
“I feel great getting letters from someone. Being a penfriend has meant a lot, making a new friend, getting letters where otherwise I would not, feeling wanted and cared about, knowing we can’t meet up but we can always write to each other when down. Everyone in prison should be made aware of Penfriends.”