“Penfriendships can develop into stable personal relationships – a key factor in helping prisoners to lead useful and law-abiding lives.”

Lord Ramsbotham, former Chief Inspector of Prisons

“A good correspondent is a window onto a wider, hopeful world beyond the prison gate”

Sir Peter Lloyd, former prisons minister

“Total isolation is something most of us only experience through the imaginations of great artists. Prisoners Penfriends helps bring back into the community those whose isolation is real. It performs a real and valuable service.”

Sir Nicholas Hytner, Artistic Director of the National Theatre
“As a lawyer visiting clients and as a writer talking to prisoners and ex-prisoners for my work I have come to know how incredibly important maintaining communication with the outside world is for men and women in prison. Correspondence of the kind Prisoners Penfriends facilitates makes it possible to imagine a life outside – and that can be the difference between hope and despair.”

Peter Moffat